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James C Peters Jr

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Hi, I'm brother James. I've been in ministry nearly thirty years. I encourage the wearing of the Christ Is Alive pendant, represented by the empty tomb of Christ, because it symbolizes Resurrection Life. I believe God placed a mandate on my life to create a reawakening to this truth. The pendant representing Life will aid in helping Christians and particularly business men and women to remain Christ focused in every aspect of their businesses. The empty tomb of Christ for true Christians, serves as a constant reminder of the risen Savior. Christ is our ever-living hope, as well as our victory. As Christians we are COMMANDED to always remember Jesus Christ being raised from the dead in 2 Tim. 2:8. Why should we always keep this truth in mind? The power of the Cross brings us into God's family which is, only, His initial objective but it's the power out-flowing from the resurrection to Believers that enable us to enter-into the promised land: the fullness of LIFE and actually experience the Good Life which He prearranged and keeps ready for us to live, Eph 2:10 AMP. The more life we focus on in our hearts will surely manifest in our lives. As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.

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"All things are possible to them that believe." Jesus thought that so important that he said it. To "be living proof" is not only a challenge in my last message but a blessing should you accept. The

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