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Linda Hancock

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Dr. Linda Hancock is a communicator! She serves as a consultant for media and writes columns for newspapers in two provinces. Dr. Linda is the author of "Life is an Adventure...every step of the way" and her newest book "Open for Business Success".

She has earned degrees in Arts, Social Work, Education and Psychology to the Doctoral level and states that she had to spend her time and money somewhere because she doesn't golf!

Linda has given presentations at annual meetings, fundraising dinners and community events for professionals, businesses, students and school personnel. She has also prepared and provided workshops on a number of topics for organizations.

One of Linda's most requested keynote addresses is "Life is an Adventure" in which she combines her personal experiences, extensive work history and academic training into a hilarious but thought-provoking event!

Dr. Linda is a Registered Psychologist and Registered Psychologist who has a private practice specializing in clinical, counselling and forensics competencies.

She is a respected therapist, mediator, speaker, author, educator, coach, columnist and consultant who lives in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Her favourite role, however, is as mentor to the six beautiful individuals who call her grandma.

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