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Keith Collins

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I am on an Expansive Journey with my Inner Coach to Attract Well-Being and to make Happiness a Reality.

My Vision: To live in a world where everyone is in control of their own power, their own authority and responsible for their own actions.

My Purpose: To Be Expansive, Happy and Well with Health, Wealth & Wisdom.

My Mission: To use my Power, Authority & Ability to discover, explore and experience: Contentment, Fulfillment & Joy

I have to date written 6 books:

"Incondition for Life": Is about my personal awakening to a spiritual path and my strategy for life.

"The Third Way": Is a blue print for spiritual growth from a higher perspective.

"Without Sin": Is an in depth look at how the world of relative dual reality works.

"The Theory of Everything": Brings the opposing views of science and religion together as one unique spiritual perspective.

"Daily Life Lessons 2008″: A compilation of daily Life Lessons published on my Blog in 2008.

"365 Inspirational Revelations from my Inner Coach": An inspirational revelation for each day of the year.

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All Energy has a Power, a Potential & an Intensity. The Power of my emotional energy is relative to my ability to choose with authority. The Potential of an emotion is relative to the magnitude of

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