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Jean Brewer

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Well hello,let me introduce myself. Best described as having a lot of interests in life, I have no problem filling in my days with lots of activity. Trained in real estate sales, plus a florist, which is quite a mix on its own but then add in an artistic streak and a passion for the written word- guess summing it up I'd have to say that I am a creative person. I live on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia with husband John and daughter Sheena. Having moved here from our home country of New Zealand in November 2010, we have adjusted well to the lifestyle here. We will always be kiwi's at heart (slang for New Zealanders) but love both countries now and in a perfect world would like to spend time each year in each country.

With a husband a qualified builder, we both share a passion for property and love doing up old homes (yes we are slightly crazy). There is nothing like seeing a faded relic transformed into a classy home. It makes the hard work worthwhile.

I find writing a relaxing art and can lose hours per day when engrossed with creating a story. The time just flies by and it is only when I notice the whines of the starving family at dinner time that I rouse myself back to reality.

So that's me. I also love quotes and will leave you with one of my favourites. "There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them." by Denis Waitley:

Thanks for reading my Bio.

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