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Ameera Kamal

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I am a Cultural Anthropologist by degree, a development worker by profession and a creative writer by passion. I have an artistic soul with flair for writing, taste for literature, love for music and the finer arts; admiration for nature-its mysteries and beauties, interest in philosophy-knowing the whys and hows of life. I yearn for beauty, intelligence, compassion, variety and the warmth that life offers in its course.

Professionally, I have been working for the past 5 years in development sector in fields as varied as early childhood development, rural development, maternal and neonatal health, ultra poverty and population growth. My expertise lies in research, project evaluations and assessments, quantitative and qualitative data analysis and report writing.

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Sophie's World is a beautifully written tale (within a tale (within a tale)) that will take you to an inspirational journey through the history of philosophy. Dyed in the colors of mystery with a

Book Reviews> Philosophy l 2 years ago

An old classic and an interesting read for the summer holidays. A mix of romance, adventure, mystery and reflection of human nature where we strive to find happiness outside us and become so busy in

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'Three Cups of Tea' is a remarkably interesting and unbelievably honest tale of Mortenson's mission to build schools for the children of the most remotest villages of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Book Reviews> Non Fiction l 2 years ago

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