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I always thought the only difference between a resume and a prison record was who's doing the writing, who's the record keeper. I was born in New York City. From a national perspective it's a world class place, full of everything anyone could ever want. From someone who grew up there it was the biggest small town in the world. Most New Yorkers live in enclaves of a few thousand people. My years there were spent in Washington Heights mostly within the confines of a square mile or two. I failed to graduate from George Washington H.S. because I failed to attend. By the authority vested in the City of New York I was transferred from GWHS P.S. 192 to P.S. 614. The 600 schools were special. Simply put, you went on Monday and came home in June. One night, some friends and me were sitting around bored, playing cards, in a furnished room, on 48th and Palisades, over the 300 Club, in Union City New Jersey. We were mostly jobless, older teenagers. We were talking about military service. Henry said he liked the Air Force, they had cool raincoats. I said the Army was three years and that was better than the four years the air Force demanded. We cut the cards for it. I drew a queen. We enlisted the next day, on the buddy plan, Henry and me. Through no fault of my own I served in the peace time army. I got my GED in the service. I earned the GI bill for my time. All in all I got the better of the deal. It paid all the way through to a master's degree in education. I was a counselor/instructor at the University of Minnesota. I worked with federal grants, helping underprivileged students access higher education. I did that until the university and federal government decided educating the underprivileged was no longer something worth doing.

I worked in public relations photography for the music industry, photographing their artists. I also did studio photography and taught photography for Metropolitan State University. I did training for government in utilizing media to improve agency communication. I had five one-man shows at the universities and private galleries.

I have since worked as a Public Guardian and a private detective. There's a lot more. Maybe someday...

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The beat poet, Kenneth Patchen, in his poem Street Corner College, wrote- Last year was a year ago; nothing more. We weren't younger then; nor older now.

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