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Chris I Phillips

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I am a veteran editor for friends and family as well as most of my employment positions. I often find myself reading a book and correcting problems I see even after the works have been professional published from big name publishers. I enjoy writing to the authors of books when possible and discussing problems I've seen in the reading of their work, and there is always the chance for great intelligent conversation whenever creative minds get together.

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Moffie has written a great comedic story. He applies wit to situational tensions from the 1950 Cold War policies of Russia and America and leaves laughter. Moffie's style seems to be to split scenes

Book Reviews> Fiction l 2 years ago

Detective Benjamin Kramer's quest to find his long-forgotten Great-uncle Jonathan led him to a secretive attorney in Cincinnati, an esoteric monastic lover, a professional dominatrix, and a murdered

Book Reviews> Mysteries Thrillers l 2 years ago

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