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Merv Stevens

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Merv Stevens is an internet marketer and also works in local government. He's based in London, England and in his spare time enjoys watching sports and absorbing all the culture and diversity an historical capital city has to offer. He is of the opinion that marketing online provides the potential for ordinary people to create a substantial income for themselves and live a life filled with freedom and flexibility; and firmly believes that if you consistently:

1. Provide quality products and services 2. Offer great value 3. Use proven marketing strategies 4. Have a winning mindset 5. Treat people with respect 6. Act ethically and with integrity

You will definitely be successful with your business and in all areas of your life.

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In large part because of the ever-evolving internet, direct marketing has become an increasingly popular sales method. Direct marketing is essentially an alternative to traditional advertisement

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All network marketers must learn how to capture and retain the interest of their prospective markets in order to generate profits. The number of effective methods for generating interest in your

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