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Sydney Ross Singer is a medical anthropologist and director of the Institute for the Study of Culturogenic Disease. A pioneer in the field of applied medical anthropology, Singer examines the cultural/lifestyle causes of disease, uncovering how our culture is making us sick. His assumption is that our bodies are designed to function properly, but the attitudes and behaviors taught to us by our culture often get in the way of our bodies working properly. He uses his eclectic background in biochemistry, anthropology, and medicine to identify harmful lifestyle practices, some of which are promoted by our culture, its industries, and even its medical authorities. As a result, much of Singer's work is challenging to the status quo, and has been suppressed by the affected industries. (This is why most anthropologists study cultures other than their own. No culture likes to honestly look at its foibles.) Along with his wife and co-researcher, Soma Grismaijer, Singer has written numerous groundbreaking books on the cultural causes of disease, including the internationally recognized bestseller, Dressed To Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras. Singer and Grismaijer, who also study the human-animal bond, live with their son along with a community of animals on a rainforest preserve and coqui frog sanctuary in Hawaii.

Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer, his wife and co-researcher, can be reached at the Institute for the Study of Culturogenic Disease, P.O. Box 1880, Pahoa, Hawaii 96778 (808) 935-5563.

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