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Michael E Sedgwick

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Michael Sedgwick was born in Portsmouth, England, just before the outbreak of World War Two. He graduated from King's College, London University, in 1961 with a B.Sc. degree in chemistry and physics. His focus on a technical career with a multinational manufacturing company in Wales, Brussels and Minnesota, distracted him from an early love of English literature. In 1998, he retired to Tucson, Arizona, and experienced a resurgence of his early interest in writing but lacked the focus needed to become a serious writer until joining Arizona Authors Association and Society of Southwestern Authors in 2007. Michael has a wife, Eileen, and two adult children. He has published two books in eBook and paperback formats: "Bramdean", an historical romance, and "Of Heaven & Earth", a collection of 20 short stories in a variety of genres.

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Global warming causes a huge ice floe to break free from the Antarctic continent and float from McMurdo Sound into the Antarctic Current. As it melts, the ice liberates a virus that has been hidden

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A Minnesota fisherman, Russ, goes off to Racine, Wisconsin, with his buddy, Bugs, to participate in the annual contest held by Salmon-A-Rama. First prize is a top-of-the-line fishing boat loaded or

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