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Michael LeJeune

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Member since: Apr 19, 2012

Michael is a dedicated father, husband, business coach, consultant, and author. His new book, "The Rapid Growth System" is set release in Fall of 2012.

Michael primarily works with business owners from 0K in annual revenues up to Million helping them double or even triple their company in 18 to 24 months.

He is a master of strategy development, sales, marketing, and human development.

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The only way to improve key areas of your business is to effectively measure what's happening in them. To get maximum impact, start by monitoring Sales, Customer Service, Your Team, and Your

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Leadership success stories are built on a a few critical factors. Most people look for tangible things like financial skills and business acumen, but those skills don't create the best leaders. The

Self Improvement> Leadership l 2 years ago

Hiring a business coach can be a stressful process. In order to reduce that stress, you need to have a set of questions you can ask the coach to make sure you have a great fit. Here is a list of our

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