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Sam Worthington has been around for over twenty years working as a travel writer, bar and restaurant reviewer for several print publications as well as many websites. Sam Worthington is the nom de plume of a successful restaurateur and publican, Tim Randall. A student of economics Tim Randall was a keen politician in his youth and was member of the Hyde Park Tories and vice chairman of Chelsea Young Conservatives. He received international publicity as the pirate Postmaster General during the postal strike of 1971. At that time he ran a building business in Chelsea and also was involved in various nightclubs as well as being a sought after party Disc Jockey. In the mid seventies, Tim worked in the security industry both guarding in the UK and internationally selling electronics and advanced digital encoding systems. In the early nineties Tim was the director of the Budapest Week, the first English Language paper in Eastern Europe (as it then was). He has worked in Turkey, Portugal, Holland, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Thailand and now lives in the Philippines: in addition he has traveled extensively in Europe, Asia and America. Tim Randall explains: I am very interested in governance and my recent writing is intended to be political, looking at the world through the jaundiced eye of one who has spent too many hours in bars - both working and as a customer, as well as somebody who has dabbled in politics and traveled extensively. I have strong views that some may describe as right leaning but I have seen what a dirty world it is. I have no illusion about the need to look after the genuinely downtrodden but also believe that the human being is at his best when made to work for what he wants. I believe that merit and competence should be the only criteria for success, even if luck is often a vital ingredient.

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The Middle East has been of strategic importance to the west since oil was found there but it become more and more unstable as the years go by. The Arab Spring has done us, in the west, no favours,

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