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Elizabeth Shim

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Elizabeth Shim joined Asian Talks as editor-blogger in 2011. She is the blog's interviewer and social networking contact in New York, where she has lived since 2007. Her online media works have focused on the globalization of contemporary Asian culture, the rise of the South Korean entertainment industry, the changing identity of Asian America, and cultural events in New York City.

Previously, she worked as the deputy editor of Seoul magazine, where she created new columns and features that focused on South Korea's news and trends that gave an insider's look into Seoul's rapid emergence in the international arena. She has also worked as a cultural correspondent for the Korean Cultural Service in New York, contributed to KoreAm Journal, and edited and produced Korean War in Color, a first-hand account of the Korean War by former NBC war correspondent John Rich. She has also worked in Seoul as a private equity analyst, as well as in Houston as an energy trader before pursuing her passion for writing.

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Behind every book is a life, or lives, as is the case of the business title "Reimagining Japan." Actually many lives, over 80 in total, including the editors that brought the book to life and

News & Society> International l 2 years ago

In some ways news coming out of Japan seems to paint a less than rosy picture, but to hear two American expatriates - Matthew Alt of AltJapan and Brian Salsberg of McKinsey and Company - talk about

News & Society> International l 2 years ago

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