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Edwin S Lopez

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Edwin S. Lopez is the proverbial renaissance man. After a difficult and troubled childhood, he discovered his innate capacity to access hidden knowledge, giving him the ability to turn his life around and to continually reinvent himself. He now draws from his personal experiences and extensive research across three continents in order to teach others how to consciously reshape their lives. In addition to being a writer, Edwin is also a classical musician, an engineer, an artist and a craftsman.

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Empower your life by bravely exploring the works of authors who dare to question the very nature of reality. If you plan to evolve in consciousness and to ascend dimensionally, you need to discover

Book Reviews> Spirituality Religion l 2 years ago

There is an important universal law of creation which was once known only to shamans and to members of ancient mystery schools who closely guarded this secret. Today, metaphysical researchers and

Self Improvement> Abundance Prosperity l 2 years ago

Consciously manifesting your desires begins with learning about your subtle anatomy. You exist within simultaneous dimensions through your various energy bodies which influence the way you create

Articles Categories> Self Improvement l 2 years ago

The solutions to your life problems are much closer than you think. Avoid the frustration of relying only on external and intellectual resources for your answers. Inner guidance is your personal

Self Improvement> Techniques l 2 years ago

Your anger can be a gift in disguise if you know how to handle and transform it. Creating the reality you desire requires more than just a clear visualization of what you would like to attract into

Self Improvement> Anger Management l 2 years ago

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