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Michaelangelo Flores

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A student of wealth and following the path of entrepreneurship, Michael chose to work on a network marketing business despite its criticisms, as he saw the potential to be able to mentor and elevate people to financial success and happiness.

After learning different approaches to marketing and leveraging business processes, Michael explores innovative ways to catapult his business and share his success with others. A bit of a maverick as regarded by some, Michael likes to look at things from a different approach and often likes to think, "Maybe there is a different way of doing things."

These new solutions Michael discovered were just some of the many ways he shares in order to help others take a lot of the stress away from MLM/Network Marketing businesses and addresses the potentials as well as traps so that others can achieve success in any business opportunity!

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A unique twist to Vi-Tel Wireless is distributors are given a choice of recruiting or not recruiting a team. Nearly every company encourages their distributors to build sales teams in order to

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Are you one of the millions of women in the world who has never been able to find a bra that fits properly? A Zyra Fit Specialist can help you with your dilemma. Most women have been wearing a bra

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NatLA (Natural Life Advantage) is an innovative direct sales company out of Dallas, Texas, with health and wellness products for the consumer. NatLA's products include weight loss, balanced

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