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Aiden Jefferson

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Aiden Jefferson is a writer/author who lives, works and breathes in sunny Southern California, but don't try to find him, he is sneaky. He writes (usually) in several categories, namely education, automobiles and home ownership. He also loves pop culture and history and tries to work them in whenever he gets the chance. Additionally, he writes for nonprofits and hopes to eventually write comedy and fiction full time. He would love to write about dating and relationships but knows nothing about them.

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NASCAR has had a rich and illustrious history since it's creation. This article talks about it's early foundation and national cup series.

Recreation & Sports> Auto Racing l 2 years ago

While traffic fatalities have reached a record low cell phone related accidents are on the rise. As phone technology grows, automakers struggle with ways to make them safer in while in the car. Here

Automotive> Mobile Audio Video l 2 years ago

With interest rates so low many home owners are thinking about refinancing. Many more are considering using an equity loan to remodel their homes and increase it's value. If they do that though, will

Real Estate> Mortgage Refinance l 2 years ago

Like so many other Americans you want to buy a home. You have a realtor you like and are ready to shop. Buying a house is huge investment that can have series long term consequences, so you want to

Home Improvement> Home Inspections l 2 years ago

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