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Peter M Hansen

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I'm just a down-to-earth Southwestern guy who found his passion in help farmers through the day-to-day tasks of raising meat and dairy goats without making it feel like a boring and painful chore.

I'm a retiree who loves to travel and spend a lot of time exchanging views with various meat and dairy goat owners. One goal in my life is to travel to each of these 50 beautiful states.

Throughout my years of speaking with beginners who start raising meat goats, I observed that there are many mistakes that can be avoided. Raising meat goats can be simple if based on those who have done it.

Anyway, I get excited seeing positive changes in the lives of my clients...the things that go beyond raising a few to several hundreds of meat goats. Raising meat goats can create a total transformation of your life...a new different lifestyle, a contentment with who you are, a more connected personality to your family, friends and the natural surroundings.

A lot of times, novice and experienced farmers alike will find raising goats to be immensely satisfying and profitable too when done correctly.

I can't think of anything else right now, but I'll be sure to come back and add to this.


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