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Richard Allen

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I am a house husband looking after my two year old daughter, whilst my wife spends her time between our home on the sunny Isle of Wight, and working in London and Brussels.

I now provide website content full time as living (Send me a message if you want a quote!) for several clients worldwide, as well as designing low cost websites for small businesses.

I am living proof that you can work from home, and yet still make a good living whilst looking after your children. I also run a small business growing and selling vegetables, as well as providing online guides as to how to grow everything from artichokes to yams, and every possible vegetable in between, as well as articles on growing fruit from the mild to the exotic.

I also run the number one rated 2012 olympics forum in Google, which come 2012 should prove to be my nest egg. As a result of my 2012 forum I now also provide forum moderator services for other forums, as well as offering forum installation services and anti-spam measures for other forums.

I look to the Internet to provide me with a long term income and whilst I am not earning the six figure salary I once was, I am getting there day by day.

I loved the rat race, but through writing I now nearly have enough to set up my own sportsboat business, and I do not miss the rat race for one minute.

So if you are reading this and want inspiration, it took me 5 years and 12 lost jobs to get it working right, the key is even in the darkest hours and days of your life, to simply never give up.

My best advice of all? Stop beating yourself up if you do not achieve all the goals that you set out to do in one day - Tomorrow is another day, it may be good or it may be bad, but either way it is a second chance.

A great man once said you know you are a writer when you wake up in the morning and think about nothing else other than writing. I now do that every morning, I even have a pen and paper not just by my bed, but also in both bathrooms. So me? I now consider myself a writer.

Write - Enjoy!

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