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Pavel Podolyak

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I am anthropologically observing the Western bubble that I live in. The way for example an Irish researcher observes the happenings in a small African country. The goal is to be non-ideological and hope to contribute to pragmatic holistic analysis.

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The fields of psychology, sociology, and political science should be fused into the field of human herd dynamics (with biology and engineering serving auxiliary roles). "A riot is the language of the

News & Society> Anthropology Sociology l 2 years ago

The imperial perimeter is shrinking and inevitably leaving power vacuums to be filled. As that occurs, actors outside the perimeter expand their force. How can we tell?

News & Society> International l 2 years ago

Since it has served its purpose of stabilizing and consolidating the 20 year old country, Putinism is officially on the decline. Its future, if it is to survive, is either coalition governance with

News & Society> International l 2 years ago

The "Arab Spring" has a chance to really last if the protesters formulate and demand a coherent anti-imperialist and mainly economic developmental program   Some have compared the CIA backed

News & Society> International l 2 years ago

How vertical farms illustrate the emerging post-scarcity societal architecture.  A very optimistic story emerges when one looks at statistics concerning material activity of historically

Business > Agriculture l 2 years ago

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