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Margaret Gangte

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Ms. Margaret Gangte is actively engaged in various international forums on global issues and is currently a Director in Government of India. She is an author of Journal Articles and a writer on policy issues. Her articles on international development, Polity, Economy, Human Resource and Defence are also published in and news journals in Northeast India. Some of her published articles are Sustainable Community Development Alternative: Unlocking the Lock (Journal of Sustainable Development by Canada Center of Science), Right Man for the Right Job: Motivate to Deliver (Indian Journal of Dynamic Public Administration) and Farewell Gift to Afghanistan Before the Final Adieu, Why Africa Likes China, The Heart Says Yes, The Mind Says No for Palestine Statehood Bid (Publication of the American Society for Public Administration PA Times), Search from Within Than Without, Moral Education for Sustainable Future (Eastern Regional for Public Administration (EROPA).

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India is not ignorant; it would know the culprits on an Israel diplomat's wife in Delhi in the recent bomb attack. India is not under pressure from international community to impose sanction against

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