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Bruce Dickson

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Bruce co-founded the Westside Holistic Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles and has 11 books/eBooks on Kindle, Amazon, Scribd. Find him at

Freebie ~ call for a 20 minute Skype/phone to identify your seven dimensions of success and reapir the "weakest link" 310-280-1176 ~ Skype: SelfHealingCoach.

Freebie ~ gift eBook The Meaning of Illness is Now an Open Book, Best books cross-referencing illness and issues by request from healingtoolbox ~ at ~

About half my clients are other practitioners. We need every one of you to be as successful as you can be.

I assist people to understand Messages from the Body. I'm author of one of the main texts in the field of therapeutic metaphor, Meridian Metaphors, Psychology of the Meridians and Major Organs, an 80 page practical manual for practitioners, curriculum for energy schools and healing schools and self-healers of all kinds. Steal my tools and use them in your own practice or coaching curriculum.

I like fun, hands-on things anyone can do for self-healing, starting with forgiveness and kinesiology testing.  Together we uncover the "issues in the tissues" and use Slow-Motion Forgiveness (TM) to throw off burdens you no longer wish to carry. Money back guarantee on all paid services.

Everything Bruce does is teachable as long as you take up self-testing in some form and wish to learn it within the context of 'God is my Partner.' Bruce also recommends and as safe places to learn Client-Controlled Testing.

Anyone with willingness to learn can learn K-testing in one hour or less with Self-Healing 101!  He follows the Law of Spiderman and the Law of Gentleness for Healers.

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No practitioners is likely to make harmful interventions knowingly; but, what criteria are we supposed to use to determine if an intervention is aligned with how a body wants to heal? Ask the body

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