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Silvia Pencak

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Member since: Apr 19, 2012

Silvia Pencak, also known as Magnetic Silvia around social media, is the Brand Strategist specializing on small business online branding.

There are many misconceptions around branding, especially among small businesses and Silvia is passionate about breaking all the myths and inspiring entrepreneurs at all stages of development to move beyond known and possible.

Just as branding goes beyond visible and helps companies touch your heart and turn you into a fan and customer for life, Silvia takes your business from where it is and helps you take it to where it can be.

Silvia is known for high quality content and smart strategies that leave her clients with clarity, systems and results they were hoping for. Her strategic thinking, proven systems and tactics allow her clients create simple strategies, understand next steps, and take massive action while having fun.

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There are several common mistakes which almost all businesses (no matter the size) make that cause clients to leave and move to the competition. It is said that you should have a reserve fund to pay

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I've seen it way too often. Businesses will spend time, effort and money on building their list and getting new clients, but way too often they fail to keep these clients. Yes, it is true that a

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