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Michael J Dornan

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Michael Dornan is a passionate IT executive, who suffers from a condition, saw there was more that could be done to connect patients and built a site that intends to globally connect and help people.

As a patient and a sufferer with Psoriasis, one of the first things Michael did was head straight to the Internet to find the latest treatment on my incurable disease. Michael searched blogs and forums, and saw the information found was very informative, as the content written was by real Psoriasis sufferers. However, Michael found that it was missing a key component, real time discussion between other patients. This unique method of communication led him to create Psoriasis Social and, a social networking site for sufferers, family and friends to connect and share information globally, a site that was much needed and in high demand for people with psoriasis and other conditions.

Having worked in IT for the past 15+ years, 10+ in senior management positions, Michael has great technical understanding of what it takes to deliver great IT solutions to small and large businesses, being part of health related Not For profit organisations and on the board of Psoriasis Asia Pacific. Michael has a keen interest in seeing people become empowered about their health concerns.

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