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Dennis Siluk Dr.h.c.

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Dr. Dennis L. Siluk is author of 46 books. He is a poet since twelve years old; writer, Psychologist, Ordained Minister, Decorated Veteran from the Vietnam War, Doctor in Arts and Education, Doctor Honoris Causa, from the UNCP, Centre University of Peru. He was nominated eight times Poet Laureate for his writings within the provinces of Peru: "The People will Not Break," is the author's eighth book on Peruvian Culture, traditions, and customs, both in English and Spanish.

His first poem "Who" written at twelve years old, has become internationally recognized as an icon for young poets, and several poems from his high school days from Washington High School in Saint Paul, Minnesota, were published in now what is a collectable "The Other Door," seldom seen for sale on the internet because of its out of circulation, and demand to hold onto it as a classic, written in 1981. Now this new book will be his forty-six.

In addition to Dr. Siluk's many achievements, he is a world traveler, has been to 56 countries, and 46-union states, and lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, and Peru, where he has a home, in Lima and Huancayo (in the Andes).

Currently his is working on several other books, such as: "Not One Hooting Owl Left" a sequel to "Cornfield Laughter" a collection of short stories; also, "The Sailors' Graveyard," poems and short stories out of Patagonia, and a third book called "Nothing Comes From Nothing," again short stories, but more biographical.

By Rosa Peñaloza de Siluk (wife)

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