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Kristy Rackham

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Author of "Head Space-Meditate Your Way to Study Success", Kristy Rackham is raising her family solo. She is an avid writer and student nurse, has a background in holistic therapies, media, communications, PR and event management.

Kristy is available for webinars, speaking appointments, workshops and seminars on her story, stress management for students, and Meditation & Mindfulness techniques for stress reduction, life balance and overcoming trauma.

Kristy Rackham, Visualise This! Enterprises, Ph: +61-(0)487769629

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Creating a resonant heart is the fastest most effective way to positively transform our relationships, and to build an empowered, positive and sustainable relationship with our self. When we are in a

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I've always been confused about the origins of Easter, the chocolate Easter Bunny (or Bilby if you're an Aussie), and what that all has to do with chickens and eggs. Which came first?! Okay, so I

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