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Titus Garard is a professional graphic artist that currently operates several websites in the graphic arts industry. His love for graphic design has allowed him to create publication that can greatly enhance the publications that we had out at our local churches.

Titus Garard is a pastors son who experienced first hand what it is like to grow up in christian household and as a pastor's son. He spent many years working in the ministry with his dad and other pastors, elders and ministers.

In the year 2010 God gave Titus and idea to create and design publications for the pastor and his celebration. Many congregations honor their pastor with annual celebrations and with gifts to keep their pastor encouraged. Many congregations celebration their pastor's with an annual Appreciation Day in his honor. Titus believe that we should always remember those who have rule over us and the ideal principle that is better to give than receive.

Titus Garard has background in ministry as he is an accomplished pianist/organist that has ministered through music for over 30 years in the local church. He learned the instrument at an early age under the leadership of his dad's ministry at Holy Dove Church of God In Christ. As a child and teenager he saw that it was not easy to be a pastor. It was not all glitz and glamor as most people would care to think. But rather hard consistent work that require a real prayer life and constant communion with God.

Titus has designed and printed thousands of publications for hundreds of religious organizations. Printing for the church takes a keen eye for graphic design as the communication of the message is vitally important.

Titus Garard learned his craft while attending computer school in New York. He elected to take Graphic Design as an elective and love the industry ever since. He is a student of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Each year he polishes his skill set by installing and learning the new software application as Adobe releases them.

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