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Brian Beshore

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I was interested in music and writing from a very early age, finding the music of Beethoven and the novels of Jules Verne while still in kindergarten. These works exerted a powerful influence on my imagination, so much so that my teachers were often concerned about my Quixotic, dreamy nature.

In music school, my art became more and more of a spiritual quest with me coming to certain definite ideas about the nature of art and inspiration; by that I mean that we do live in a 'friendly universe' and "The very fact of your existence indicates that you have a purpose" (Dr. Wayne Dyer).

I attended the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore Md. and, after graduating, I returned to the west coast where I played in several professional symphony orchestras as well as a number of new music groups.

I began to write and record my own music and now I have two CDs available on Amazon and iTunes;

Tea with the Alien is a collection of 'out of the box and off the wall' New Age music and Charm City is an album of Post Minimalist Jazz stylings.

I have written two books; Tea with the Alien and Being the Superstar That You Truly Are which is soon to be available on Amazon.

You can go to my Official Artist Website to find out more about all this stuff.

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There are many ways to make a music video, of course, but here is one simple and fun method of doing this. This method uses Magix Music Maker software, which is very inexpensive and can be found at

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