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REVIEW "Dare to Dream: This Life Counts" is for those who seriously want to achieve something special. This marvelous book is by Debbi Dachinger, an authoritative and prolific woman who has made it her life s journey pursuing her own dreams while acting as a teacher and inspiration to many. As a Thought Leader, she provides stories and demonstrations for how you can get to the Promised Land where your dreams really can come true. ---- Marcia Wieder, CEO/Founder, Dream University

Readers will not only be pleased with this book and guide...but also will perhaps decide to follow a few dreams of their own. ---- Hale Dwoskin, Author The Sedona Method

It takes no courage for a flower to grow toward the light, but it does takes courage for humans to believe they are worthy of growing toward their own light. Debbi Dachinger has written a loving guide to help everyone move from fear to faith, from apathy to actions for a life of meaningful and abundant experiences. A life of yes . Thank you for writing Dare to Dream. ---- Melissa Manchester, Grammy Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter

About the AUTHOR: Debbi Dachinger's Dare to Dream radio show is a syndicated, multi-award winning program that's been featured in news sources around the world. Author of the book Dare to Dream: This Life Counts, Debbi is often heard as an interview guest on other radio and TV shows; in addition, Debbi is an inspirational keynote speaker and a spokeswoman on panels. Dare to Dream radio enlightens and entertains listeners in an exciting paradigm that intertwines metaphysics with a talk show format. Its a show that s needed as people are moving towards new ways of living and doing business and desiring tools to make their passions, goals and dreams come true. Dare to Dream is popular with a large listener following; hear the program live worldwide or by podcast on Debbi's web site. Debbi has always been in talent/entertainment. She was a U.S.C. Performing arts graduate who acted and sang throughout Europe and the United States. She has received acting nominations and awards, has been a successful motivational speaker, worked as a professional voice over artist, has a YouTube channel, writes a blog, is a member of AFTRA and SAG unions, the Evolutionary Business Council, and American Women in Media.

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