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Davida Shensky

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I have cerebral palsy which affects my right side-- I have limited use of my right hand, my foot drags slightly when I walk, and I have no depth perception our peripheral vision in my right eye. Because there were no laws guaranteeing people with disabilities the right to an education when I was in school my teachers did not understand that cerebral palsy affects how the brain processes information or that I learn differently.

I grew up in a dysfunctional family where there was a physical, emotional, and verbal abuse. Because of this and the issues I had to deal with in school I had low self esteem. It was only after I entered college and studied mental health, a psychology, and rehabilitation counseling did I learn to change my mind set and begin to believe in myself and my potential in life.

I entered the work force 12 years of before ADA became law. After leaving my position with be state I was an able to find gainful employment with a company. I decided to start my own company career performance Institute.

I worked with clients to help them reach their maximum potential in life and learn to live without limits home study programs, teleseminars, boot camps or mentoring programs, life and career coaching. I am an Inscape Publishing distributor and use their assessment profiles with clients to help them understand their behavioral styles and communication, working in teams, leadership, listening, diversity, time management, stress management, sales and managing employees.

I have a radio show on the Internet called Live without Limits. On the show I discuss both a business topics and disability issues. There's show airs every Saturday morning and you can also listen to past shows.

Written a book titled No One Stands in Line to Become Disabled.

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