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Avril Meyler

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At the age of 39 the Author underwent a spiritual awakening during a marriage break-up. The stress of this life changing event catapulted her into a multidimensional level of consciousness that caused her to experience parallell time zones where she encountered beings of a higher state of consciousness and who demonstrated their committment to her unfolding knowledge and highest good. Letting go of fear of the unknown she began to understand deep spiritual and metaphysical truths that only direct experience can convey.

She published an e-Book on this in 2002 which is available free from her website along with articles written from a multi-level dimension of perspective.

She now truly lives in this world but knows she is not of this world. She devotes her time to writing, travelling and sharing with those who are aware or are beginning to be aware that we are more, far more than the human body.

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I have been blessed on my travels through this world to meet people who have taught much that enabled me to re-evaluate time worn wisdom. My personal experiences of working with the elderly over a

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