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Renee Laurin

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Renee Laurin has been in the graphic design industry for over a decade and has been a professoinal photographer for half as many years. One of her current contracts include the company Absolute Automation Inc. Absolute Automation Inc. is an online based company that has been selling, installing and servicing driveway alarms, power and temperature alarms, freeze monitors, water alarms, hidden cameras, home automation devices and other related products since 1995.

Renee has been a web enthusiast for most of her life and enjoys blogging about just about anything!

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Leaving water damage issues for too long can also put you and your family in a serious health risk environment. Learn how to assess water damage and the risk it poses to you and your family.

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Recognizing signs of water damage in your home. Checklist of various indicators that you have a water leak.

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