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Gary Pierce

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Gary Pierce is the webmaster of Frugal Retirement Living. He retired early at age 49...he is still retired at 66. The lifestyles he has used to retire early include: living on a sailboat in the Caribbean; full time RVing; downsizing; and living overseas. He freely shares his experiences in these fun and frugal lifestyles. He has lived the life Jimmy Buffett sings about. He can show you how as well.

His site is for those about to be, want to be or are retired. If you think you can't afford to retire, check this site out first. There are many ways to retire that are fun as well as frugal...none involve great sacrifice.

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The benefits of living on a sailboat include a low carbon footprint and the minimal consumption of natural resources. Living on a sailboat is living off the grid in a floating home... Your energy

Real Estate> Green Real Estate l 2 years ago

The challenges of living on a sailboat can be minimized if the occupants are patient and put safety first. The rewards of living on a sailboat are too numerous to mention... We lived on a sailboat in

Travel & Leisure> Sailing l 2 years ago

When I first set foot on a sailboat I did not realize that a sailboat was actually a floating recreational vehicle...a fully self-contained and self sufficient home that happens to float. The idea of

Home & Family> Baby Boomer l 2 years ago

Frugal living aboard a sailboat, is a side benefit of this fun and exciting lifestyle. Stop and think about it... When you anchor which is free, you have eliminated your housing budget. With a wind

Travel & Leisure> Sailing l 2 years ago

How to properly anchor your need to know the depth of the water, you need to know how much chain you have attached to the anchor, you need to know the condition of the bottom, wind

Travel & Leisure> Sailing l 2 years ago

How to name your sailboat is different for each person... it can reflect a lady's name, your profession, be clever... it all depends on you. We lived on a sailboat for eight years and we saw many

Travel & Leisure> Sailing l 2 years ago

Ever dream of leaving the rat race behind... Exchanging commuting and a boring job for life on a sailboat. Such a drastic lifestyle change is not as far-fetched as you think it might be... We did

Travel & Leisure> Sailing l 2 years ago

Sailboat cruising... Four ways to find out if it's for you. Sailboat cruising as a lifestyle is a lot of fun... It is something we did for eight years in the Caribbean. This lifestyle may or may not

Travel & Leisure> Sailing l 2 years ago

Retiring young mostly requires a desire to stop working and doing the things that make you the happiest. Rare is the person that truly loves his or her work enough to prefer working to their favorite

Self Improvement> Happiness l 2 years ago

Travel the Caribbean in your own sailboat...we did so for 8 years. It was fun, it was safe, and not difficult at all, if you were patient when going from one island to the next. It was also very

Travel & Leisure> Sailing l 2 years ago

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