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Tracy R Liedman

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Member since: Apr 19, 2012

A true fleet tracking enthusiast, Tracy Liedman has worked for over 10 years as a fleet manager for commercial fleet operators and has garnered a vast experience with different types of fleet management solutions.

She likes to stay informed on the most recent developments in the industry, having an almost academic interest in GPS technology and typical system architectures.

With a university degree in Transportation Management and Policy, Tracy is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Business Management.

Being a techie at heart, Tracy is always interested in finding new ways to optimize business productivity by making state of the art technologies available to a wider audience.

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Safety regulators are concerned that GPS devices are leading to an increase in accidents caused by distracted driving. They are pushing for the technology to be adapted so that it won't be a visual

Communications> GPS l 2 years ago

Law enforcement are making sure that offenders are not re-entering communities by tracking them with GPS-enabled bands. While it is keeping them away from other people, it is also keeping them away

News & Society> Crime l 2 years ago

Disruption to GPS feeds may indicate an oncoming earthquake. Early warning technology can mediate the catastrophic loss of life that was seen after the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan in 2011.

Communications> GPS l 2 years ago

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