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Cisco J Robles

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Cisco Robles is the co-owner and COO of The HiTech Web LLC, a technology company that specializes in leveraging innovative web design, social media, and rapidly evolving technology to provide businesses a framework for exponential growth and profitability. He is also a PhD candidate in the English department at the University of Hawaii at Manoa specializing in literary theory and popular cultural studies. He enjoys surfing, making music, the 49ers, and spending time with his family. He is married and has two wonderful children.

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Learning to surf is indeed a process that extends far beyond riding a wave to the shore. Surf culture, like any culture really, is replete with its very own rules and protocol. How then to navigate

Recreation & Sports> Surfing l 2 years ago

Tired of the waves getting the best of you on your way out into the lineup? Learn how to duck dive and start making your surf sessions more enjoyable immediately!

Recreation & Sports> Surfing l 2 years ago

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