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Keith D. Maderer is a financial expert and has been helping families with their education, retirement, tax and estate planning needs for over 30 years in the Western New York area. After starting his career with a large financial and investment firm, he opted to open his own company in 1990 in an effort to focus on his client's needs instead of big corporate profits.

He received his certification as a financial planner (CFP) in 1990 and is the founder and managing director of SENIOR Financial and Tax Associates, a registered investment adviser with the SEC and the State of New York.

Keith works with clients to help them solve their financial dilemmas. Whether it is death, divorce, new births or winning the lottery, there are specific strategies to follow for both the good and the bad in life. He enjoys working with people and helping them find the answers to life's questions.

He is also the founder, managing director and a selection committee member of the Maderer Foundation, which has provided private scholarships to area youth since 2006.

With five children of his own, he has experienced the high costs of college and appreciates the sacrifices families make to help their children succeed. With that in mind he authored the book, "How To Get Your College Education For Less", which promises to save any student ,500 or more with a little effort. (Available on, ISBN: 978-1-4538-2053-7 for .95)

As he approaches retirement, and life in general, he plans to share his knowledge and experience by writing additional books on other financial topics and may even venture into writing about parenting, family or entrepreneurship.

Keith enjoys hiking, biking, golf, photography and helping young individuals find their purpose in life.

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