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Tony T Crocker

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Tony Crocker is Director of IWC Estate Planning & Management Ltd. With over 15 years' experience, he is knowledgeable and proficient in all matters regarding Probate, Will writing, Estate Planning and Inheritance tax avoidance. IWC Estate Planning & Management Ltd. are a specialist Will Writing and Probate Company offering nationwide coverage.

The company provides fixed fee probate services; rates are agreed with clients in advance. Probate fees are based on the work that has to be carried out, rather than the estate value or at an hourly rate. IWC are regulated by the Society of Will Writers and Estate Planning Practitioners and registered at Companies House. Their head office is located in Croydon, Surrey, with satellite office coverage across most of England.

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When someone dies intestate, meaning they did not leave a will, it can be worrying for those who are left behind, particularly if they have no idea on how to begin dealing with the estate. This guide

Finance > Estate Plan Trusts l 2 years ago

The thought of getting a legal expert to deal with probate on their loved ones behalf fills many people with dread. Fixed fee probate is based on a pre-agreed sum, so you know exactly what the costs

Finance > Estate Plan Trusts l 2 years ago

If you have just lost a loved one, probate fees are probably the last thing you want to think about. So this simple guide should save you a lot of research.

Finance > Estate Plan Trusts l 2 years ago

Having someone else handle the financial aspect of death for you won't take away your grief, but it will remove a huge weight from your shoulders. And that is where fixed fee probate comes in.

Finance > Estate Plan Trusts l 2 years ago

It is a good idea to deal with the deceased's estate as soon as possible, to remove that worry and uncertainty. One big concern may be the thought that massive probate fees could wipe out a huge

Finance > Estate Plan Trusts l 2 years ago

The legal system is full of confusing terms and phrases that are meaningless to the normal layperson. Letters of Administration are documents you need to access your loved ones assets if they die

Legal> Living Will l 2 years ago

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