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Michelle L Goddard

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I am an ex-pat Brit living in the US with my husband and two little chillies. We moved here in February 2011 and are finding our feet in this brave new world. Whilst I am grateful to have found a good job within just a few months of arriving stateside, I have hopes and dreams that far outweigh the cubicle world of corporate America. When we finally bought and moved in to our fabulous new house just 5 days before Christmas, I realised that what I really wanted was to be there with my family every day and not hustling out the door to join a traffic jam every morning.

I started my online business by searching the four corners of the world wide web for opportunities. I have learnt about the vast array of network marketing companies out there, the marketing systems, attraction marketing books, social media, personal development, mindset and more.. so I decided that my blog would become a portal to share the wealth of knowledge I had discovered with other internet marketing entrepreneurs.

I know that I am not alone in wanting to live my life the way I want.. to me that is the true meaning of success.

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The three foot rule has been popular in network marketing for as long as network marketing has been around (I'm thinking Amway, Betterware, Avon, JuicePlus & MaryKay..?). Whilst it may indeed have

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