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Total hip replacement is a surgical procedure which replaces a damaged hip joint with an artificial one made up of either metal or ceramic. The artificial joint is implanted into the healthy parts of

Health & Fitness> Pain Management l 2 years ago

Breast lifting or Mastopexy is a surgical process done under general anesthesia that lifts the sagged breast and re-shapes them. It normally takes between 90 minutes to 3 hours and require the

Womens Interests> Cosmetic Surgery l 2 years ago

Packing materials are actually more important than anything else. You need suitable materials to pack and store your items and you want to know that they're secured and will not fall apart anytime.

Articles Categories> Home Improvement l 2 years ago

Many of us experience pain daily in our lives such as pain in our joints and back. We often simply accept it as part of aging and simply take painkillers or stop doing activities which we love. While

Health & Fitness> Physical Therapy l 2 years ago

Self storage facilities are immensely popular in this age today. With housing getting more expensive and the sizes getting smaller, storage services are especially useful to people who want to get

Home Improvement> Storage Garage l 2 years ago

Unless there is a specific cleaning requirement by your carpet installer, you are not compelled to dry clean your office carpet. To decide whether you need dry cleaning for your carpet, you need to

Business > Furnishings and Supplies l 2 years ago

  Home storage is a personal thing and different people do it differently. However, there are basic guidelines to adhere to. Avoid common storage mistakes done by most people and you save a big mess

Home Improvement> Storage Garage l 2 years ago

Care for a slipped disc injury is often simple. A short period of pure rest and medication is usually sufficient. For slightly more serious cases, physical therapy may be required.

Health & Fitness> Pain Management l 2 years ago

Dark eye circles are unsightly and definitely unwanted. Here are some types of treatments you can adopt to get rid of those ugly dark circles under your gorgeous eyes!

Womens Interests> Beauty Products l 2 years ago

  Brazilian waxing need not be painful, here are some tips you can employ before you wax to minimize the pain expected!   1. Exfoliate!

Health & Fitness> Spa and Wellness l 2 years ago

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