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Kristina Marchant

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Kristina has always been fascinated by human behavior. She grew up an only child with lots of lonely alone time on her hands, which made her eager to understand the human connection she deeply craved.

When she was older, she got a BA in psychology at Barnard College at Columbia University and now has found her way into the romantic-love relationship niche, as a relationship coach who advises women on men and healthy relationship skills.

The decision to focus on dating and relationship advice for women came when she started having problems within her own marriage. Here she was, this well-educated woman who had spent years with her nose in academic books about the science of the human mind, and she couldn't figure out her own husband's head ... or heart, at all.

Through the wisdom found in spirituality books and through strange life experiences, she began to see a light at the end of a painful, soul-searching tunnel. She began to realize that love wasn't about games and power plays but about pure motives, honesty, trust and vulnerability. She then took her new discoveries into her dating relationships with men, and began to see amazing results.

She is now in the best relationship of her life! And... the man she's with now, who treats her like gold and loves to service her every request, was once a self-proclaimed "emotionally unavailable commitment phobe."

She changed everything around for herself and took a seemingly doomed dating relationship and made it into a committed, loving, years-long relationship.

Come take a gander at her website where you'll learn common mistakes most women make in relationships and you'll hear about the biggest misconceptions most of us have been told about men. There you can also sign up to receive a free newsletter that offers tons of free information-- insight into men, exercises to help tackle your relationship fears, and easy, quick lessons to help turn your love life around.

Kristina has helped many women turn "impossible" relationships into fairytale romances! Don't wait precious time. Your man needs and wants the kind of relationship you do, it's just a matter of a little supple, sweet, feminine inspiration!

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I always want women to feel empowered enough not to be a doormat to a man's love. There is nothing that feels worse than compromising your self-esteem in the name of 'love'. Love should make you feel

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The enchantresses in the legends of King Arthur brought balance to a society ruled by male domination. Through their seductive, female magic they magnetized the men of Camelot - the King's warriors

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