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Michael C Rymer

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Innovated Creations originated in 2009 in the small town of Stewartstown, Pa by Michael C Rymer. The idea stemmed from a couple of events that had happened in his life. To reach his inner spirituality he joined a local church (SUMC ) and this organization was teaching him to do away with selfishness and self centeredness. Michael was all about recovery and committed himself to helping his fellows in all possible ways. Innovated Creations concept was conceived following the founders success and experience in building his own invention called "SmokeGuard" into a prototype and product portfolio ready for licensing or purchased from large companies in December, 2009. As a result of my difficulty in finding good, inexpensive, quality resource options in the market, I saw an opportunity to build a reputable and credible company for helping others with the research and development of their ideas and "re-inventing" the invention industry itself with an innovative model. My vision is to become an "eBay" or "" for new product innovation by providing a streamlined and efficient approach for matching ideas with relevant manufacturers at and by differentiating themselves from other invention industry companies based on values, trust, reliability, and success. The competitive advantage that ICI has over its competitors is that we offer you these services for the cost of a membership fee, and ICI donates 10% of that to members favorite charity. ICI takes all the risks, we invest the time and money to bring your idea to the market place. Even after negotiating a contract for our global members, ICI still only takes a modest 10%. ICI primary service is to provide people with a way to give life to their ideas without having to invest large amounts of money to do so. During these bad economic times people just do not have the money to invest in product development. As we know we can't turn every idea for a profit, we can allow people to keep submitting ideas until they can turn for profit at the cost of just a membership fee. ICI earns its money after ideas are purchased from manufacture or distributor. This concept ensures our members we will work hard on giving their ideas life.

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