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Hazel Palache

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Best selling author of The Astonishing Power of You - Simple Steps to Creating an Extraordinary Life, certified coach, speaker and mindset expert, Hazel Palache has been helping women internationally to empower themselves for over two decades. She is passionate and committed to teaching women entrepreneurs who are sick and tired of not earning enough money, how to build a successful, profitable and fulfilling business so they successfully stop overwhelm and enjoy more freedom

Whether working one-on-one with clients, teaching or speaking she finds her greatest fulfillment is working with women entrepreneurs who are ready and willing to learn why they might be sabotaging themselves and want to make the necessary changes to take productive action.

Having moved from the UK where she was born and educated Hazel has gone through many struggles but she has also had many successes. Hazel has been in the business of personal, spiritual and professional development for two decades. Her clients business is as important to her as it is to them and she loves nothing more than seeing her clients succeed.

Hazel's clients love the way she gives them the guidance and tools to create the success they want. It's not unusual to hear them say, "Hazel is the real deal" "Working with you has been life altering," "Working with Hazel, I made dramatic changes in my life. It has been one of the best choices I have ever made." "Hazel you are extraordinary!" One of the things her clients benefit from is not only her training but also because of her vast life experiences she has the ability to really understand the challenges her clients may have.

Coming from an education in psychology and being a mindset expert she has a highly developed sense of intuition that gives her the ability to hear beneath the words. Hazel makes no bones about the fact that one of the reasons her clients reach the success they want is because she loves them enough to hold their feet to the fire so they stay focused and out of negative thinking. She uses a variety of methods to help them achieve their goals including hypnosis and applied kinesiology.

Hazel has been interviewed on cable TV, tele-summits and many times on radio. Her articles and tips on mindset and business success have been featured in print both on and off the internet.

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