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Mike Noone has a different view of life. Mike believes that you can do anything if your thinking and your actions are aligned and you take consistent action. The trick is ....getting your head in the right place first so that your actions and thoughts are focused totally on achieving your outcomes.

Your mind will trick you and this is the reason I'm such a fan of NLP. With NLP you can re-wire your head so that you are programmed for success. There is a very clear distinction between programming your self to get what you want and being programmed by others. A question for you: " If you don't have complete control of what is going on in your own mind ... then who has ?"

Many people confuse freedom with the ability to act and do what they want. Very few of these people take the time to consider "well how did I arrive at all of the conclusions that I have come to?" Who and what influenced me along the way and what evidence do I have that what I have been told is actually true. Influence is insidious once you know how to use it. It can be used for good or for not good. good of course is a subjective thing depending on which side of any particular fence you are positioned,

I never cease to be amazed by the ways that people (other people that is and obviously not you...) are constantly duped and misled by scuzzball companies, governments and politicians. For more information on this go read the works of Alfred Korsybski who warned about the language being used by Hitler prior to WW2.

You don't have to look to far to see those same language patterns in use today.

So I guess what all of this means is that I am a libertarian and a fan of democracy. You have the right to determine what you think and what you say ( within the bounds of respectfulness ).

However with those rights come duties, obligations and responsibilities. I hate to tell you but there is no free lunch.

What there is, is the possibility to dine in five star comfort on the best of food if you decide that's what you really want. and you get yourself organised to go and get what you really want....

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