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Nick A Rader

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I spent 5 years earning a degree in engineering. Then I spent weeks realizing I don't like engineering. So i did what every rational person would do. I quit my job and drove a motorcycle from South Africa to Norway with my friend.

After 6 months on the rode it was time to come home and pay off my newly acquired debt. I found a job in engineering (yay!) and am using that to pay the bills. I spend most of my time at home figuring out how to quit engineering (I'm such a great employee :) ).

I also love playing outdoors: whitewater kayaking, rock climbing, backpacking..ect. Along with most organized sports. That being said I'm not as active as I sound. The majority of the time is spent on the couch mindlessly watching TV or dinking on the computer.

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Money makes everything go round. Money as we know it is tight these days. It is one of the major components in life that almost always gives you a headache or raises your stress levels to the roof.

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