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Patricia L Raymond

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Physician, humorous medical motivational speaker, author and broadcaster, Patricia Raymond MD takes medicine seriously and herself lightly.

Dr. Raymond is board certified in Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine, and is Fellow of the American College of Gastroenterology. In addition to her medical practice, Raymond leads seminars on self-care for medical caregivers, leadership, staff retention, and customer service in medicine.

Dr. Raymond also gives life to the cheeky and probing "Diva of Doo" Ms Butt Meddler in the support of colon cancer screening awareness. View her music parody videos on You Tube at the Butt Meddler channel. Her maxim is "If you're BEHIND on your colon cancer screening, please let your gastroenterologist RECTIFY that!"

Invite Dr. Raymond to speak at your next meeting, be it medical or general. Her customized keynotes and hilarious breakout sessions will reinforce your meeting objectives while providing a big dose of joy and laughter. She speaks on resuscitating your passion for your career, on health at the work place, on dietary and exercise choices, and of course, on colonoscopy.

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