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Rand Whitehall

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Rand writes on a variety of topics including HVAC, air conditioners, air purifiers and more.

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A washer-dryer combo provides the complete dirty to clean functionality that many a person bent over a washboard or riverside rocks, scrubbing endlessly at soiled laundry, no doubt vaguely wished

Home Improvement> Appliances l 2 years ago

Central air conditioning qualifies as the modern age's peak of indoor climate control luxury for the warmer months (or for permanently hot climates such as those found in the American Southwest or

Home Improvement> Heating & Air Conditioning l 2 years ago

Though ordinary vented portable air conditioners offer quite a few advantages to those with a need or desire for cooler conditions during the summer, combined with a limited budget, they still have a

Home Improvement> Heating & Air Conditioning l 2 years ago

The Double Eagle coin is a gold bullion coin that was minted by the United States Mint; the first of these gold coins was minted in 1849, producing two proofs at the time. Production kicked into gear

Home & Family> Antiques l 3 years ago

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