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Carla K Jack

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Member since: Apr 19, 2012

Carla Jack resides in Dublin Co. Ireland and writes on a variety of topics ranging from online marketing to industrial processes to education.

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Film school is a place to explore the medium of film, discover new ways of looking at the world, and develop the movie-making skills required to create your own masterpiece. But hand-in-hand with the

Reference & Education> College University l 2 years ago

Most businesses in the industrial, marine, food-stuffs and public services industry make use of refrigeration or air conditioning; and most of these business owners will know that these units

Business > Industrial Mechanical l 2 years ago

The article highlights the prevalence of fridges in just about any environment and then goes on to educate readers regarding the dangers of gas leakages. It proposes leak detectors as a possible

Business > Workplace Safety l 2 years ago

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