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J Peter Crane

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I am a soil scientist by trade, a result of my degree in Plant and Soil Sciences. As a lifelong entrepreneur and someone who enjoys a challenge, I have been many other things at the same time: grocery store owner, lobster fisherman, avid gardener. I love living an active lifestyle and I plan to wear out, not rust out.

For many years I "lived to eat", enjoying food but not appreciating the possible health benefits of eating well. With experience comes wisdom (if you're lucky), and after years of learning about nutrition I now "eat to live". And, yes, I still enjoy food.

I sincerely want to share what I have learned, so others can discover the blessings healthful living can bring.

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If you are like me you probably spent many of your younger years without any knowledge of resveratrol. My guess is that you are not getting much of this compound in your diet because resveratrol

Health & Fitness> Nutrition l 2 years ago

Let me guess, are you sensitive to the stimulant caffeine? If you are, the answer to "Is green tea decaffeinated?" is No, not naturally. If you think the stimulant is bad for you, the answer is still

Food and Drink> Tea l 2 years ago

Ever wonder why green tea and prostate cancer should be discussed in the same breath? After skin, prostate cancer is the next most common type of this disease for men in the U.S. In 2011 alone

Cancer> Prostate Cancer l 2 years ago

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