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Kenth Nasstrom

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Kenth has been online since 1997 and working with internet marketing since 2003. He specializes in Affiliate Marketing and Internet Marketing. Kenth also have a number of software products online. Among them the most well known are Ziney Pro, CB Affiliate Revenue and Zip2profit.

Ziney Pro originally was created to solve the problem of formatting text according to number of characters per row. This simple problem have always been a problem for people aroudn the world and with Ziney Pro, Kenth finally presented a simple to use solution.

As an extension off Ziney Pro he also entered the newsletter niche. His website about free newsletter templates was created to help newsletter owners and piblishers with information, tips and tricks on how to come up with a newsletter, create it and run it.

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Teachers around the world spend less time on teaching and more time on paperwork each year. Using school related templates like newsletter, calendar and lesson plan templates can save time. Here are

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Free newsletter templates attract people online in a way similar to junk food. Online marketers, school teachers and people running clubs and organizations hunt free newsletter templates like there's

Internet Businesses> Ezine Publishing l 2 years ago

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