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John O' Gorman

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John O' Gorman is a Business to Business sales coach, Director of The ASG Group and co-author of the ground-breaking book, The B2B Sales Revolution, who works with sales teams and sales managers across Europe to pinpoint sales performance opportunities and barriers to growth. John has worked in the UK, Germany, US, Canada, Ireland and South Africa selling and marketing high value B2B solutions. John has been recognized as an expert on selling and modern buying by the likes of The Future Selling Institute.

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With more sellers chasing fewer customers these days, do buyers have the upper hand? Well, according to buyers themselves, the answers is yes. However, it's also apparent that some sellers are

Business > Sales l 2 years ago

Sellers have learned to fear the involvement of procurement, particularly when it happens close to the point of a contract being awarded. Salespeople have also learned, they are particularly

Business > Sales l 2 years ago

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