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Amy Torres

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Amy Torres is a spiritual teacher, a Gestalt psychotherapist, and a yoga instructor.

She has developed the Language of Love, Harmony & Beauty, which is a form of emotionally responsible communication, conflict negotiation, and a way of "undoing" our identification with the ego.

Her work is a synthesis of many teachings, ancient and contemporary. The result is an intuitive method of emotional healing with spiritual awareness which develops an integrated, empowered sense of self.

Reverend Torres also serves as an interfaith minister and was ordained by One Spirit Interfaith Seminary. She teaches A Course in Miracles, which she considers the foundation of all her work.

She loves yoga, dance, the Sufi turn, Indonesian latihan, qi gong, Afro-Cuban motion, and all forms of rhythm and movement. She works with individuals, families and groups, teaching emotional intelligence and communication skills.

Amy's private practice and classes are based in New York City. She is available to lecture and lead workshops worldwide.

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